About us

Introducing Chloe and Daniel, Mrs and Mr Lawrence Poulsen! We are both from Gisborne, New Zealand. We grew up on the sunny east coast, with its glorious beaches and small town vibe. We are both from families that get out and do stuff; tramping, biking, fishing, surfing, sailing etc.

We met through music in high school, playing in rival concert bands… not the expected meeting considering the adventurers we are becoming and aiming to be. From high school We moved to Auckland where I, Chloe, studied to be a Speech-Language Therapist and Daniel became an electrician. We now live and work in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. Along the way we have discovered the beauty of our country and all the exploring there is to be done. When not at work we spend most of our time exploring new places in our home made camper van and mountain biking.

This blog aims to record the adventures we have had and will have, give you lots of ideas for exploring New Zealand and encourage us to push ourselves to see more of our country and the world.

Daniel is our photographer, capturing wherever we go and now sharing it with you. His photos are special and aim to showcase the beauty of New Zealand and wherever the wind may take us. I will be our words, trying to record what we see and do and match it with Daniel’s photographic account. We are new to blogging and would love any feedback on our content.

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