Exploring costal Croatia: Split

Did someone say bliss? That’s what we found in Split. We had 5 nights here and it was really the perfect amount of time to relax into the rhythm of the city. There was plenty that we planned to do with our time in Split but as usual our plans went to the wayside and we had fun doing other things.

Split is a costal city that is packed to the brim at high season with people looking to lounge in the sun by crystal clear waters. Frankly I don’t think I could stand the heat of summer. We visited during early May and found perfect beach weather. It also was not too busy which was a bonus.

Our highlights of Split

Our time in Split was really enhanced by the people we met and we changed our plans to spend more time with them.

The beach

There are so many beach options!! There are stone beaches, sand beaches and cliffs where you can leap into turquoise seas. We really enjoyed walking from one side of Split to the other, along the coast line. Not only was this beautiful but we also got to check out all of the swimming spots for later lounging. We avoided the sand beaches as they were more busy and the water was murky. We loved hanging out at the cliffs below Park Suma Marjan. The water is deep, clear and refreshing. Before jumping in, make sure you have worked out how to get out again!! Daniel was quite content to climb back up the rock but I prefer an easier exit. We visited here daily for a refreshing dip.

This was also where we met our new friends Ellice, Andy and Emma, three other travelers who had met by chance in a hostel. Read about our time together here.

New friends, Ellice, Andy and Emma

We also really enjoyed swimming at Trstenik Znjan beach. This was a stoney beach and we spent a whole day here, baking in the sun and floating in the calm water. It gets deep quickly so you can either lounge in the shallows or swim out to deeper water.

The old city and the Diocletian palace

This was the first city where we didn’t fall in love with the old town. The palace still stands and it is very beautiful, however; instead of being a building that you can explore, it is filled with shops are fancy restaurants. We found that the charm of the palace was seriously impacted by modern restaurants and Roman soldier reinactors. You can pay to visit the cathedral and the bell tower but we skipped this as we weren’t that enchanted. The markets under the palace are quite cool. We really enjoyed looking at the high stone ceilings. The market itself is mainly selling kitch souvenirs.

The big hill in Park Suma Marjan

We really enjoyed the walk up the big hill that makes the park to the Croatian flag at the top. We attempted this two ways:

  1. Daniel’s way: scale up the side and try to reach the top. This started out with some success. I was not wearing the shoes for it and Daniel had to haul me up and over the odd ledge. The adventure ended when the vague path went no further and Daniel had to admit defeat. At this point I was allowed to climb back down until we found the actual path.
  2. Chloe’s way: follow the path shown on the map. With Daniel’s ambition finally called by a large brick wall we followed the paved pathway to the top of the hill. There are a number of paths to choose from and they are clearer shown on all tourist information.

The view from the top is definitely worth the climb and you can see a number of islands, both sides of Split, a very large flag and of course a massive cross.

Day trips from Split

One of our primary reasons for spending so long in Split was the opportunity to use it as a base and explore other areas. Here are trips we planned and what actually happened:

  • Krka National Park: we had planned to go on a tour for the day, instead we did something way better. Check out our blog post here.

  • Havr Island: this is an easy day trip from Split. You can get a ferry over in the morning and come back later in the day. On the day we had planned to go, the weather packed up in the morning and we decided to stay in Split instead. We had a great day anyway and ended up having a long picnic lunch on the waterfront with Ellice and Andy. No complaints. We considered going the following day but it was just so nice in Split that we went to the beach!!

  • Zadar: when planning this trip we thought about staying in Zadar on our way to Split but decided to go as a day trip instead. Simple story. It didn’t happen and I don’t really know why!!

So from 5 days in Split we didn’t adventure much but we had a marvelous time and did plenty of relaxing. I almost wish we had longer so that we could explore more while having a resort-like experience.

My only regret is forgetting to go back to buy the raw carrot cake I saw in a window in the centre. That would have really been the icing on the cake of Split.

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Chloe and Daniel xx

1 thought on “Exploring costal Croatia: Split

  1. Wow 5 days? I consider it as a long vacation in a town. If I were you, I’ll take maybe 3 days here and give the other 2 days to the next cities where you wish to be there longer (Mostar and Kotor)


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