A road trip to Krka National Park

An American, Canadian, two Kiwis and a gal from England walk into a national park……

Despite every bit of advice recently sung, we went chasing waterfalls. While in Split we were pretty keen to take a day trip to either Krka or Plitvice National Park. We settled on Krka because it was closer and you can swim there. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on having a wonderful roady to this beautiful park full of crystal clear waters, wild life and of course, waterfalls.

Krka National Park: a step-by-step guide to an epic road trip

Step 1: find a crew

No road trip is complete without some good people to share it with. Daniel and I make pretty good roadtrip buddies, it’s one of our favourite hobbies. Check out any of our vanlife or New Zealand posts to find out more. However this particular road trip would have been a bus tour were it not for the people we started chatting to while going for a swim. We were lucky enough to bump into:

  • One epic Emma from America, who at 19 is as adventurous and spontaneous as I one day hope to be! With the essential skill of going with the flow (something I lack) she’s the perfect roady companion.
  • Ellice the entrepreneur from England. The one with the bright ideas, who makes suggestions like “let’s hire a car and go together”. Ellice also works in adolescent mental health making her a pretty interesting gal and can design a great playlist (roady essential).
  • Someone who breaks the rules. And there you have Andy, a Canadian, who knows how to find the best secret swim spots and drive a right hand drive car.

Step 2: a bright idea

While chatting to the above mentioned movers and shakers we said that we were looking at going to Krka National Park and at some point that evolved to ‘let’s hire a car and go together.’ This seemed to sound both more fun than what we had planned and cheaper.

Step 3: hire a car

Or in our case, let someone else organise everything and turn up to the agreed upon location and be very grateful.

Step 4: buy a picnic

Step 5: hit the road

Pile on in to the fancy mercedes and settle back to enjoy the ride. Chat with your newly found friends and groove to some good tunes.

Step 6: work out how to pay a toll

As you enter a toll road, take a ticket from the machine and head past the barrier to continue your journey. When you get to the next barrier, don’t try and drive through the electronic tolling booth. If you have done this, reverse and try again. Next have 5 people scramble around in their bags, looking for change to pay the toll.

Step 7: arrive at the park, and find parking

Step 8: buy your ticket to enter the park

Pay 110kn to enter as an adult or look youthful and present an old student ID to pay 80kn.

Step 9: trudge down a steep, rocky path with multiple bus loads of people until you catch sight of the insanely clear waters

Step 10: wander the boardwalks around the park

The water at Krka is crystal clear. There are boardwalks without barriers to walk around the park. From these you can see the waterfalls, streams and pools. We also saw, fish, ducklings and many frogs.

Step 11: view the main waterfalls from above

Jostle to the front of the crowd to look down on the cascading waterfalls and get a group photos (which is on someone else’s phone.

Step 12: watch the Canadian take posing with a waterfall one step further.

Why stand in front of it when you can stand under it?

Step 13: swim

The water was chilly at first but once you were in it was deliciously refreshing. It’s quite rocky, making the perfect opportunity for glamour shots as you try and make your way across to the deeper water and back. I was even encouraged by Andy to pop under the barrier for a photo!! Again the proof is elsewhere.

Step 14: eat your picnic lunch with wine, beer, cider and tequila beer

With 5 people buying at random you end up with a pretty good lunch spread. There was even chocolate and a good view.

Step 15: find a secluded place to swim or sit on the bank and chat

In this case we followed Andy’s bright idea to move away from the path slightly and swim in our own private pool. It was lovely to feel completely alone in a busy park.

Step 16: grudgingly get dressed again and head home.

Say goodbye to the swimwear, put your trainers back on, wind away from the beautiful pools, that still beg to be swum in and trudge back up the stoney hill to the car.

Step 17: drive back to Split and make more plans.

Step 18: buy more picnic items and repeat step 14 the following day.

We highly recommend a day trip to Krka National Park and feel that if you can find a crew, roadtrip’n is the best way to do it. We had the best day with newly found friends and hope to see them all again if life allows.


Chloe and Daniel x

2 thoughts on “A road trip to Krka National Park

  1. This is from Nana & Poppa. Love the photos and the clear water. We had few chuckles reading your blog Chloe, we really have enjoyed it all. Love from Nana and Poppa. We were talking to Suzanna and Steve at the Museum, so it was lovely to catch up with them both.


    1. Hi Judy, please thank them for their comment. I’m glad that you guys are enjoying our blog. Xx


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