A Hawkes Bay Sunday

We are lucky enough to have good friends in sunny Hawkes Bay, meaning we have a good excuse to escape the windy capital for a little extra summer. In this post we will let you know what you can get up to on a summer Sunday in Hawkes Bay.

Hawkes Bay Farmers Market

Our friends, Joy and Marcus know us well and the first thing they said when we woke up on Sunday was ‘we have to take Chloe to the market’. Every Sunday the Hawkes Bay farmers market is held at the Hawkes Bay show grounds. The atmosphere is lovely with lots of families out and about enjoying their Sundays. The weather did help the vibe but so did the live band and after we had done our shopping it was lovely to sit on the grass and listen to the music while munching away on fresh necterines.

At the market you can buy beautiful fresh produce and specialty items. There were all manner of preserves, drinks, breads, honeys and loads more. Some of our favourites were:

  • Oh My (OM) paleo bread. I try and stick to a paleo diet anyway as I just feel more well and have more energy. The lovely ladies at OM were very patient while I tried every sample multiple times. I brought their simple seed loaf but they also had fancier breads such as spiced fruit loaf and sundired tomato loaf. The bread was lovely and light and went so well with organic olive oil and dukka.
Oh My (OM) paleo/gluten free/dairy free/vegan bread
  • Edgebroom Cider. Typically I’d say 11am is to early for drinking cider. Edgebroom had 4 different ciders you could try at the market. We loved their Mayflower cider and brought a flagon enjoy later that day. Their cider is wonderfully crisp and lightly flavored, perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

  • Hapi vegan/raw milks, cheeses and desserts. Oh my! Mid morning sugar rush alert. Hapi make the most delicious snickers raw dessert which was seriously enjoyed by all. We also loved the chipotle nut cheese but it was all sold out!!

  • Fruit! Vegetables! All of the produce that we brought was beautiful and really well priced. Hawkes Bay grows lots of fruit and vege so the food doesn’t have to travel far at all. The necterines were some of the best we’ve eaten all summer, and we’ve sampled a few!!

Cooling off at Tutaekuri River

The Sunday we were in Hawkes Bay hit about 32 degrees at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. When it’s that temperature there’s only one thing you can do, find a river and take a swim. The four of us headed to Tutaekuri river or as Joy and Marcus call it the: “Guppy Road River”. This was the best way to spend a hot afternoon. Our tips for cooling off at this spot are:

  • Park up and walk down stream until you find a spot all by yourself.

  • Sunbathe in the hot Hawkes Bay sun. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat!
  • Find a shallow bit in the river and sit back in a natural lounger letting the water run over you and calling you off.
  • Bring along beautiful fresh fruit brought from the Farmer’s Market for a fresh picnic. We had beautiful crunchy apples and apricots.
  • Have friends with dogs for continued entertainment.

These are these are the main two things we spent our Sunday doing but there are plenty of other activities that Hawkes Bay has to offer. Other things to try if you’re visiting this beautiful region include:

  • Head into Napier and take a lovely walk along the coastal boardwalk
  • Visit one of the many wineries and try the beautiful drops made in Hawkes Bay or hop on a bike and go for a winery tour.
  • Take a walk or drive on Te Mata Peak. Not only are the views gorgeous but this peak is essential Hawkes Bay’s Maori heritage. This is one of our favourite activities to do in Hawke’s Bay but unfortunately we haven’t got any photos to share!!
  • For the mountain bikers out there Eskdale mountain bike park. This park is built in a forestry area with lots of downhill oriented cross-country trials. They have made the most of every bit of downhill so there are a few pinch climbs. You need a pass to enter the park, get all of the details and information about any track closures here.

We love Hawkes Bay and definitely recommend it for a visit. Writing this post I realise that we need to spend even more time there so we can capture and share photos of some of that other favourite spots and activities. A big thank you to Joy and Marcus for having us to stay whenever we like and for introducing us to the Farmer’s Market!!

Chloe and Daniel xx

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