Uluwatu; August 2018

If you haven’t read our previous posts, they cover our first two Balinese destinations. Check them out to find out what we got up to. Our final stop in Bali was Uluwatu. We had three more days in Bali and upped the luxury to end our trip.

Where we stayed: Our final hotel was Bali Bule Homestay. We had our own villa with outdoor bathroom and yet another gorgeous bed. The pool was phenomenal and we dedicated most of our time to complete relaxation. IMG_0125

What we did: Primarily we used out time in Uluwatu to chill out before heading back to the daily grind. We still did do a bit of exploring and hired a scooter to check out the ‘must sees’ in the surrounding area. Check out the highlights: IMG_0121

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran is home of the famous Balinese seafood dinner. Everyday hundreds of tourists go to Uluwatu temple to watch a sacred fire dance at sunset and then drive (in very heavy traffic) to Jimbaran for a romantic seafood dinner on the beach. It sounds luxurious but we didn’t partake. We popped down for a look at the beach, it was lovely for a swim but we had forgotten togs! You can also go to Jimbaran to see the beautiful fishing boats. This was our plan, but funny enough as it was mid morning they were out fishing. Not the best planning!

Padangpadang beach

To get to the beach you have to walk past the famous Single Fin bar and down lots of steep steps, boardered by small shops and cafes. We spent our last day at the local beach, soaking up as much of Bali sun as possible and watching the surf. The waves out beyond the reef were massive and we watched hoards of surfers getting long rides. There were also women giving massages on the beach. I wasn’t keen given my previous experience  but everyone else seemed blissed out. On the beach there was a boat wreck to explore and at low tide, lots of rock pools full of stunning fish. We spent the whole sun set on the beach, enjoying the cool water and watching surfers come in. I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Uluwatu. Buy yourself a large cold Bintang and set yourself up on the beach to watch the world go by. Oh yea, and look out for the monkeys!IMG_0144


Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a big resort area, designed for tourists and luxury. We went visiting for the morning just to see what it was all about. The white sandy beaches were very nice and for the second time in one day I seriously regretted not packing a bikini. The snorkelling looked great too. It seemed like a honeymoon destination, full of loved up couples walking along the beaches and sharing elaborate cocktails. We also visited the blow hole here, as the waves rush in, they smash up against the rocks and fountain into the air. The wall of water rushing towards the rocks was a good reminder of the power of the sea.

Uluwatu Temple

We visited the temple twice during our stay, once on purpose and once due to some failed navigation. On the purposeful visit we timed it perfectly, arriving with all the tours to explore the temple and then watch the sunset over the bay while the fishing boats returned for the day. The sunset was serene and it was actually special to share it with so many people. It was made even more special by the fishing boats (that we missed at Jimbaran) returning home. The one big downside of the Uluwatu temple was the monkeys! The creatures at the temple were nothing like the cute things we met in Ubud. No these things were terrifying, they slouched around in gangs, stealing food from unexpected people and hissing at you if you got to close. We also discovered that some are trained to steal your goods so their trainers can sell your items back to you. We discovered this the hard way! As we were walking towards a high point for the anticipated sunset a monkey grabbed Daniel’s hat from his head!! We were grateful that it wasn’t his glasses. It proceeded to chew the bobble off and when Daniel reached to grab it back it bared its LONG fangs and screeched. I was terrified Daniel would get bitten, subsequently getting rabies. Anyway some lady bribed the monkey with candy to give the hat back and then charged us what we had paid for the hat to return it to Daniel, sans bobble. I loved our trip to the temple but urge anyone to go to be very careful around the monkeys!

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Chloe and Daniel xxIMG_0293

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