Seminyak -August 2017


Where we stayed, while not essential to a good experience, really enhanced our time exploring Seminyak. We spent three nights at Hotel La Costa Central, and recommend it highly. $32 NZD per night got has a large room with a small ensuit bathroom. It was clean and serviced daily. The lock was broken on our door but we weren’t worried about it as we don’t have anything worth stealing! We mentioned it on our second day and someone immediately came to repair it. When it broke again the next day, they replaced the whole thing. Our stay included a yummy breaky, even catering for allergies and the restaurant was open all day if you wanted to eat. La Costa’s pool added extra luxury to the stay. We often popped back for a cool down dip and never bothered to swim at Seminyak beach as the pool was tranquil and we were the only ones using it.

Untitled_Panorama2 (Large)
Hotel La Costa Central’s pool

What to do:

In Seminyak we walked and walked and walked; without much purpose and with a lot of sweat. First up, the beach. Being from New Zealand we expect a pretty high standard in beach.

IMG_0095 (Large)
A big sign to tell you are on Seminyak Beach

While it was lovely to see the sea, we found Seminyak beach a bit dirty and crowded. The sea was also rough and dumping so we forgo the swim. However; we did enjoy walking along the beach, pausing for a cold coconut and chilling at the beachfront bars in the evening. Although these bars are more expensive than those away from the beach, we highly recommend going down at night for dinner and/or a drink. Sit back in a colourful beanbags under twinkling fairy lights and hear live Balinese interpretations of your favourite songs.

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As tourists, there was a lot of entertainment to be had in wondering the streets. In Seminyak we wandered all over the place looking at stalls, people and temples. We were unable to go to into most as you have to wear full the Balinese traditional outfits but it will still worth viewing the outside. Masceti Temple Petitenget was the main temple we tried to visit, and only viewed the outside. It was huge and full of photo opportunities.


Seminyak has many shopping opportunities for a big range of shoppers. There are hundreds of touristy stalls selling floaty dresses, pants with elephants and more sunglasses than anyone needs. There were also heaps of boutique shops with clothing, accessories and swimwear. We also saw many of the classic surf shops (ripcurl, quicksilver etc.). Near the beach they were similar prices to New Zealand but we also saw heaps of outlet shops further inland, which would probably be worth checking out.


Food glorious food!!IMG_0272 (Large) Some of the best food we ate in Bali was found in Seminyak. Three nights in a row we ate at Warung Murah Double Six and would have continued to eat there if we didn’t have to leave for Ubud. The grilled fish in Balinese sauce was the best meal we ate during our whole visit. From memory it cost about $3.5NZD. They also have a great buffet where you can choose a whole range of things to try. Some of it was a bit weird but all was wonderful. Other than the grilled fish, the chicken satay is also to die for and the rendang was the best of the trip.


Three days in Seminyak was a great way to start our time in Bali. It was a gentle introduction to the people, food, transport and bargaining. We would highly recommend the same to anyone new to exploring Bali and the world.

Next up, a tour of Ubud.

2 thoughts on “Seminyak -August 2017

  1. This is so cool. Love the photos and reading all about your travels.


    1. Thank you so much for your support!! We are still working this whole blogging thing out. We should have the next post out next week 😊


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